How Important Is It To Do First Aid Refresher Course Every Three Years

Our society is made up of countless people, each one is there to play its part and keep the society’s wheel running. Everyone has a purpose he is meant to fulfil, a role to play. Every single person is as important as the next one and every life is precious. Imagine you having a jolly good day with your friends and family, or having a work filled busy day at your office and suddenly a wave of panic arises. After inquiring you get to know that someone is in a medical emergency and require immediate first aid. Knowing that first aid could help save life’s and can play an important role in minimizing the injury or decreasing the possibilities of harm to the patient, every person should get first aid refresher training. People who have first aid knowledge are much more confident with their surroundings as they are always prepared for any situation.

Bad times do not inform before coming as we should always be prepared for anything. First aid refresher training helps people to be able to provide first aid treatment and care to the patient immediately and help in recovery. The Australian government has encouraged its residents to get first aid training from registered institutes to be able to combat any uncertain situation in the time of need. After getting training of first aid, a certification is awarded to the person which makes him certified first aid care provider. In large gatherings, these people are especially welcomed with open arms, because people know and get satisfied that they will be able to get first aid in case of emergency. The downside, however, is that first aid certification is only valid for three years and after that first aid refresher course should be done to renew the set of skills and knowledge that is required to save someone’s life.

Many offices nowadays have made it compulsory for its employees to have first aid refresher certification to continue on the job. Knowing that people will be able to help themselves in case any medical emergency arises, helps create a sense of protection and security operations course Perth. In large offices with hundreds of employees, it becomes almost necessary to have first aid care providers on board. Some workplaces are dangerous, they have a difficult work environment where risk of accident is tenfold. These kinds of workplaces require mandatory first aid refresher certification for its employees. Many institutes in Australia are certified first aid training centers, with practical teaching method. These institutes are playing an important part in keeping our society safe and protected. They provide first aid training through experts and make every person an expert in giving immediate medical assistance to any person in need. First aid training course is based on three days with teaching through practical techniques as well as theory to all the attending students. After every three years a first aid refresher course is required which is based on two days only.