Floral Decor


Adding flowers to any décor is always a hit. Apart from hanging chandeliers, unique decoration pieces, any element having flowers is liked by all, as it adds elegance and charm to the beauty of an event’s décor. An easy to use, budget friendly element that can be added in any type of setting is a flower wall. Flower walls for hire are easily available with readymade designs, colors of choice and unique styles that can be utilized for the special event.

Floral décor in weddings

After spending months and years to plan for the big day, one gets picky in choosing the type of flowers as well, since flowers are used in different departments:

  • Flower wall for backdrop that can be set behind the stage or at the entrance
  • Floral setting at the photobooth Melbourne corner where friends and family pose for photos for a memorable wedding book
  • Floral decoration on the ring presenting tray
  • Floral arrangement at the dessert table, giving an elegant outlook
  • Floral/petal lined aisle or walkway
  • Floral display on the ceiling, especially on an outdoor tent
  • Floral fountain at the entrance
  • If stairs are present, floral display on the staircase can be done
  • Floral chandeliers
  • Floral monograms floating on a bed of moss, if the venue has a swimming pool
  • Taped flowers and stems as backdrop

Floral décor in home parties

Be it birthday or bridal shower, parties arranged at home are beautified by adding floral arrangements in different areas:

  • Dainty Beaded Floral Window or Doorframe Decor
  • Teacup and saucer floral tabletop arrangement
  • Wall hanging floral monogram
  • Glass frame pressed with fresh flowers
  • Simple and Dainty Floral and Twine Candle Display
  • Repurposed china and floral table setting
  • Floral vintage jug table arrangement
  • Hanging potted flowers and plants
  • Elegant Floral and Candle Hanging Backyard Decor
  • Hanging flower balls
  • Floral wall art
  • Hanging floral chandeliers
  • Floral window art
  • Repurposed basket and flower ceiling mounts
  • Rose personalized shadowbox

Types of flower

There is a wide variety of the type of floral arrangement that can be done for any event

  • Carnations are super hardy flowers, which are less prone to wilt when out of water for an extended period of time, and are cost effective as well.
  • Ferns and Star Asparagus paired with fillers like Succulents and Moss to create a forest green wall.
  • Hydrangeas and roses
  • White Lilies strung facing downwards on fishing line with a touch of greenery
  • Bright flowers can be used in spring season, especially in any outdoor setting.
  • Monstera leaves evenly taped on a stark wall
  • An abundance of oversized white flowers to a statement wall is always a good idea, especially at an engagement or wedding party.


Flowers are always a good idea to install in your space, to add elegance and freshness in the environment. Events seem incomplete without any sort of floral arrangement. From weddings, birthdays, bridal shower, baby showers to small scale family gatherings, floral décor is liked by all.